Intravenous (IV) ConsciousSedation

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What is intravenous conscious sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a technique in which a strong sedative drug (Midazolam or Hypnovel which is similar to valium) is injected into a vein in the arm. It produces a relaxed state in which difficult, prolonged or unpleasant treatment may be carried out.

How will it affect me?

You will feel very relaxed, sleepy and happy. You will not be asleep and are able to talk if you want, most people dose but respond when spoken to. You do not feel drunk or dis-inhibited, it is a little like you are sleep walking.

If I am not asleep will the treatment hurt?

Local Anaesthetic (injections in the mouth) is also given along with the IV sedation to make sure there is no pain from the treatment. This will not cause you any discomfort and you will not remember it being done.

If I am not asleep will I know what is going on at the time?

One of the effects of the sedative drug is amnesia which blocks your memory of the procedure. Time becomes confused and an hour seems to pass in a few seconds. Most people remember little if any of the procedure and believe they have been asleep.

Does the sedative have any side effects?

The major side effect is a decrease in your breathing rate. This is caused by your body being very relaxed. During the procedure we will place a monitor on your finger which measures the level of oxygen in your blood and your heart rate. The monitor tells us immediately if your breathing rate is lower than we would like. This is simply corrected by asking you to take some deep breaths.

Is IV sedation safe?

IV sedation is a very safe procedure due to the nature of the drugs used and our monitoring systems. In the unlikely event of complications developing the sedative effects can be reversed by administering another drug. It is safer than general anaesthetic and is extremely uncommon to be allergic to the drugs used.Wayne is experienced in IV sedation and performs the procedure 3-4 time each day, he complies with the Dental Council of Wellington and NZDental Association’s guidelines for sedation.

Please read the Surgical Instructions for IV sedation, click here.

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